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Tips For Picking The Right Picture Framing


Filling your wall with pictures makes your room look great. The pictures make you have good memories of the loved ones and some of the moments you would not like to forget. However, it is good to know that the picture framing contributes greatly to how the pictures look like. Thus, it is good to know the best way to do the framing to give the pictures your desired look. You should know how to get the best from the frames. This article offers you some of the top picture framing tips you should follow.

Choose your picture carefully

There are those pictures you would like to see every day. For instance, they might be family pictures, landscapes, contemporary photos or others. To get the best, make sure you choose pictures suiting your style and home.

Consider spacing

Before you buy a picture frame, it is good to consider its surroundings and shape of where you want to hang it. For instance, if you have a big alcove, you should opt for large picture framing. In case you want to hand the pictures amongst the other frames, factor in the size of the frames and colour. Consider the pattern and colour of the wallpaper. Think of the picture framing that will work best with this.

Check the layout

If you are considering hanging several frames, you should think about the layout and positioning. With perfect layout and positioning, you can create a critical focal point in your room and allow your visitors to glance at your pictures inevitably.

Do not avoid chunky mounts

A lot of people are afraid of chunky mounts and do not regard it as a great picture framing option. However, chunky mounts are a top way you can add modern style and depth to your photos and give them right protection. White chunky mounts specifically are a great option to open up image edges and attract the eyes.

Go for customised picture framing

Of you have pictures with awkward sizes, you should never cut. There are many stores that offer fully customised picture framing options. You have the option to go for a frame that suits your picture size, so you do not have to compromise it.

Coloured frames are catchy

You should never overlook a coloured picture frame. It is good to have colour, especially if you have walls with no or little clutter. If your wall has a lot of colours or have a colour themed room, you need to decide whether you need to match or clash the colour and then choose the picture framing. A rule in picture framing the smaller or modern the picture, the thicker the coloured picture frame should be. If your picture has a lot of colours, you should opt for a thinner coloured framing.

Preview picture

To check whether your picture framing is working, preview your picture correctly. By doing this, you will only hang your photos when you confirm that the frame is working correctly for all the photos you have.